Sunday, 17 March 2013

We'll Spin Right Round, Puppet Right Round

As I'm getting towards the end of the (school) year I've gotta start putting together my portfolios and demo reels for my inevitable job hunt. Lets celebrate by spinning some puppets!

Remember Swambert; well the little guy's been sitting around and he's still perfectly animatable, he's also getting a new 2D face since I've misplaced (lost) most (all) of his paper ones. So, I'm preparing to do two additional animations in conjunction with my thesis film. One is a walk with my main hunting couple, Mac and Ern, and the other is a sit between Bigfoot and Swambert. The later however may get the time cut since the performance walk cycles are a higher priority, but if I have the necessary time to do it right, it will get done. 

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