Thursday, 7 March 2013

19 Shots for 19 Scenes sans VFX

As I'm compositing all of my scenes together I've been adding quite a few additions into a lot of my shots; so I thought it'd be interesting to see single shots from each scene without their added affects.

Just an FYI; the Bigfoot puppet is not giving the middle finger in the background; in this scene as he dances through the background he is doing a mocking dance in which he points to himself as he prances past.


A shot like this is going to have to be pulled hard through after effects to get my desired look; it's not like the others where Dragon just gives me an extra little bit of the top and bottom which'll be neatly hidden later.

Since I was working primarily out of my little bedroom studio, I had to use a lot of creative set management since I wouldn't have the space to accommodate multiple sets. Which is why the forestry sets were a series of interlocking segments that I was able to mix and match betwixt scenes to suite my various needs.

If I do another set like this, each of these shots'll have their added effects.


  1. Great puppets. The finished shots are going to look great!

    1. Thank you! I'm just in the final stages of my composites now; with luck I'll be done within the coming week.