Monday, 19 November 2012

Film Updates: Bringing Up Bigfoot

Getting full into pre-production with my film now and that means puppets; and puppet updates for my blog and adventure. All of my puppets are still in their armature stages and my sets and props are soon to come underway. There are three main characters in my film; Mac the Bigfoot hunter, Ern, Mac's sidekick and Bigfoot the Bigfoot.

Each of my armatures were constructed using the same technique. Their core blocks are made from hard woods with a nut and bolt system drilled in to hold their various wire limbs in place. Their heads are left as sculpey as their faces are going to be composited on post animation. And for any of our portlier characters they have been shored up with upholstery foam.

First up is Ern.



The gang's all here for a scaled lineup.

This is an early test of the facial composite; I'm very excited about the look that I'm getting with my characters and I think I'll stick with the design I've created. (Ern's mustache won't be a composite, btw, but he looked weird without it so I've put it in as a place holder.)

That's it for now, more updates to come with the next major production mark I reach.


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