Friday, 24 August 2012

Prepping for 4th Year

Oh, my poor neglected blog; I suppose updates would be in order. I spent my summer interning at Cuppa Coffee Studios, a large stop motion house located in Toronto, Canada. It was a great experience that left me largely drained at the end of the day, but it was the good kind of tired. Now, I'll be heading into my fourth year in Sheridan College's animation program where I am obligated to make my thesis film. Additionally I had to petition this idea to the school in order to win one of the stop motion studio spaces, my choice medium; but if my own petition fails I will concede to Flash if it comes to that, and I won't argue to the fact.

My film idea is to make a Bigfoot mockumentary with an emphasis on being fairly ridiculous and hopefully a load of fun, not just for myself but for those who could potentially be watching. The film will primarily focus around the interview setup in which my main character Mac will lead us through the trials and challenges faced in their hunt for the legendary Bigfoot.

My two Bigfoot hunters Mac (Right) and Ern (Left)

Just some of the story beats and ideas from my film; as it is fairly early I could still change my mind, but  at the moment I am fairly satisfied with the product I am currently making. Although, once fourth year starts up I'll receive a teacher as a mentor and opinions from my peers so you never know what can happen.

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