Thursday, 16 February 2012

New Puppet Approaches...

RAWRR!!! It's Swambert the Swamp monster
I've been experimenting with a few new things this time; in the skeleton I've used a set of beads for the eyes, they're quite nice the little holes are great for moving the eyes around and they don't get dirty like my little sculpey eyes. His head is sculpted sculpey; his waist and feet are epoxy and the limbs and spine are aluminum wire.
I've used a new type of wire for fingers this time; its high grade soldering wire and its turned out to be very flexible and durable when it was demonstrated for me. The fingers are secured with the epoxy and his body is shored up with cotton batting. 
Tried two new things here; the first is obvious, hair, it's just grey fun fur I bought and spray painted green for my old Action Analysis set, when it was the closest one I could find to green. The second is that I've made him a set of paper mouths so I'll be experimenting with those.


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