Friday, 27 January 2012

Tinny Puppet

When I was deciding what kind of puppet to make next I figured why not make the character I've been helping to design over the past term... Tinny

Tinny's blueprint: figuring out her dimensions and shape.

Tinny's skeleton: Baked Sculpy head, with an epoxy and wire body.

Tinny's "Musculature": Un-baked sculpy hair to keep it springy, cotton batting to bulk her up and she's wrapped up in medical tape to keep her all together; also I used it on her hands to help adhere her latex skin.

Tinny: Yeah!!! Tinny is all finished up and ready for some animation tests. Applied her latex skin over her bandaged hands, painted up her epoxy feet, and made her some fancy duds: experimenting with a paper mouth right now, but she's all finished up.

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